8 examples of the impact of our data

We review the eight most representative Case Studies of the past months: AdEffect measurements to give an integral vision to the advertiser; focus on new platforms and their contribution to broader campaigns, or crossmedia radiographies to massive phenomena.

Jul 26, 2022

1. An AdEffect measurement for Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre, the most important ecommerce in Latin America, had the same problem as all advertisers that run large cross-media campaigns: it could not compare the contribution of each of the media included in its planning: "Year after year, campaign after campaign, we face the problem of not having a global tool. We have different measurements, declarative data, panels, ad servers... but we have nothing as a whole. How are we going to calculate the real return on every 'peso' we invest in each platform?" explained its Media Manager, Olga Algarra.

When we measured their last campaign on a Netquest single-source panel, they were finally able to see global data, essential to improve their planning. This is how Olga herself explained it.

Download the Case Study (PDF).

2. The most popular Eurovision song

To measure how popular a song really is is not easy nowadays: there are the plays on on-demand platforms, the YouTube views, the TikTok hits, the inclusions in TV shows... What would happen if we could put all these audio sources together, putting them in proportion to each other?

This is what we did with the success of Eurovision: we measured the consumption of the winning songs in the contest and the Spanish finalists over four months, adding any audio source. In addition, we debuted a metric of engagement with the song, according to the duration of listening, and revealed how the most loyal fan was for each song at a sociodemographic level.

Download the Case Study

3. Resolving the Connected TV contribution

Connected TV is the hottest medium. Together with GfK and The Trade Desk Spain, we measured a Renault campaign to calculate the contribution of CTV over traditional TV.

We provided data on the reach, frequency and incremental audience of the different channels and proved that it generated optimal reinforcement on users less impacted in linear. In addition, we conducted surveys and found that those impacted by CTV had higher increases in brand awareness, among other brand variables.

You can read more about the project here. Or access more details about our measurement capabilities for this medium, here.

4. We measured a Movistar Peru campaign

Movistar Peru wanted to know Digital's contribution to its TV campaigns. To find out, we measured one of its latest campaigns, 'Internet a tu ritmo'. Our analysis revealed that, in addition to high levels of coverage, the role of digital media to complement TV was very important in the campaign, especially in certain time slots. In addition, we investigated the recall, the clarity of the messages communicated in the creative, and the purchase intention of those exposed through post-tests.

5. Spotify's contribution over TV, Youtube, TikTok or Instagram

How does advertising on Spotify work alongside other media? Does it allow us to reach an audience we wouldn't reach with TV or Digital? Only a methodology like FLUZO's can answer such a key question.

In this case study, we analyzed a Wallapop campaign that combined TV, Digital (including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitch), and Spotify.

Access more details of the study, elaborated together with The Cocktail Analysis, here

6. This is how TV, Radio and Twitch divide the football audience (and its advertising)

  • Six out of ten fans are men and 76% are over 35 years old.
  • TV is the medium with the greatest impact on football broadcasts **with 33% coverage, while radio reaches 11% and contributes 5 incremental points.
  • On average, each follower consumed more than 4 minutes of advertising per match.
  • On average, fans dedicated 67 minutes on average to this match, 16 minutes more than the average of the analysis, a figure that reaches 71 minutes on Twitch.

These are the conclusions of our study on the crossmedia audience of football, in which we measured the crossmedia audience of fourteen League and Champions League matches.

The project, presented at Aedemo TV, provided data on phenomena that are already massive and for which very little information is available. Valuable information for understanding the role of each medium in the future of sports broadcasting.

full PDF here

7. Netflix's 'The Squid Game' craze by the numbers.

🦑 How do we consume Netflix series and other streaming platforms? From FLUZO we wanted to carry out an independent audience measurement on the phenomenon on a Netquest panel. An analysis that becomes more relevant with the announcement of this and other OTTs to adopt low cost models with advertising.

The conclusions were impressive. Thirty-eight percent of the Spanish Internet population over the age of 18 had watched an episode in the 26 days following its premiere. This proportion soared to over 70% among young people. In addition, each viewer watched more than 3 episodes per day on average. What advertiser's mouth doesn't water at audiences like these?

Download the Case Study (PDF)

8. Presenting our dashboard at Inspirational, together with BBVA.

In October we had the opportunity to participate in the Inspirational festival, organized annually by IAB Spain, to explain how we helped BBVA to optimize its advertising investment based on our dashboard. Cristina Villarroya, Digital and Media Strategy Director at BBVA; Jose Luis Gª Muñoz, CEO of FLUZO, and Raquel González, Quantitative Team Lead at The Cocktail Analysis, our partner in the project, explained all the details of our measurement.

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