Cross-media and single-source measurement of advertising effectiveness

Get a unified view of the reach and real effect of your cross-media (TV, Radio, Online Video/Audio and Display) and cross-device advertising campaigns.

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A wide range of solutions

The flexibility of FLUZO's technology offers solutions to a wide range of advertising research needs: from the measurement of one-off campaigns, to the analysis of several waves throughout the year or even continuous tracking for always on campaigns.

SoAV (Share of Ad Visibility)
Ad Reach & Frequency
Tested single-source methodology

New measurement of cross-media advertising.

Cross-media efficacy studies for a new decision-making on advertising.

Single cross-media measurement
Single panel
Passive observation
Conducting surveys

What is the differential value of FLUZO?


Passive measurement of exposure, range and frequency

Cross-media metrics (TV+Radio+Online Vídeo+others)

Segmented surveys by media, frequency, etc of those exposed/not exposed

Measurement of competitors’ campaigns

Optimization of reach, frequency and cross-media saturation by targets


Answers to up to now unanswerable questions

What countries is it available in?

FLUZO is continually expanding the list of markets where our advertising effectiveness measurement solutions are available.

We currently operate in:

  • Europe: Spain, Italy, Germany
  • The Americas: Mexico, Brazil, Peru
Is the market you are interested in not on the list?
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