FLUZO for Panel companies

The new generation of cross-media research on advertising and media.


Technology that expands the offer of panel data

Thanks to FLUZO technology, panel companies can transform online or cell phone panels into continuous, single-source panels, to offer your clients new research possibilitie

How to improve the commercial performance of panels

For any panel company, integrating FLUZO can offer data on actual exposure to content and cross-media advertising that is highly valuable to research.

Create high value, single-source panels

It means creating a real single source, by combining data exposure and profiling, survey results and other data sets already being gathered on your panels, on the same real individuals.

FLUZO, a perfect partner for panel companies

FLUZO sets up a new business model that is scalable, proven and profitable with minimal complications

A very effective solution for panel companies
FLUZO technology eliminates the obstacles that panel companies face when carrying out continuous media and cross-media advertising measurement

Simple integration

With FLUZO, the complexity of creating a single-source, cross-media panel is resolved.

Integral service management

FLUZO also handles integral service management to data production, reducing the complexity and the infrastructure needs for the panel company.

Minimal impact on panelists

FLUZO contributes to protecting panelists’ experience.

FLUZO technology offers an optimized solution to integrate into panelists’ cell phone applications, with minimal impact on their experience, reducing turnover and withdrawal.