What do we do?

Advertising and media industries strive to produce 360º campaigns and ​​content, but measurement hasn’t kept up. There is a need in market research to go beyond declarative data and build new research environments.

FLUZO is a complete technological solution that helps answering some of the most important questions about audience and advertising effectiveness:

Media reach

Incremental coverage

Media overlaps

Linear vs Ondemand viewing

Crossmedia effects

Consumption habits

Customer journeys

Effective frequencies

A single cross-media research environment

Media, advertisers, media agencies and market research firms have the opportunity to use the same methodology and the same user base to understand the reach of their contents on any device.

In partnership with some of the world's leading panel companies and their panelists, we take the cross-media research to the next level: from the traditional device centric to a new user centric approach.

With audiovisual consumption being automatically added to the panelist data mix just by passive observation, our customers can leverage the power of surveys and declarative information.

Build your ouwn research enviroment

Some customers have specific requirements for evaluating and monitoring their content and advertising campaigns.

Embed our technology in your own systems and build a custom-made solution for your needs.

How do we do it?

The foundation of FLUZO is our proprietary state-of-the-art Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology based on audio fingerprinting. Our technology can identify any audio content (TV, radio, online video and online radio) that is included in our database:



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