Single-source cross-media measurement of content audience

Evaluate the audience and perception of cross-media and on-demand content (Linear TV, Radio, OTTs, CTV, Online video, Online audio, etc.)

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A new era of measurement

The new generation of cross-media measurement

Single-source measurement of media and tested content

Cross-media and cross-device measurement

One single source of data to measure the consumption of any audio content on any device, at any time and any place it might be consumed.

Non-intrusive measurement

Based on passive observation: we measure what they have seen on TV or digital video, what they have heard on the radio or what impacts they've received without the need for surveys.

Measurement of linear and on-demand content.

Capability of measuring what's consumed by panelists both with linear broadcasts (radio, TV...) and ones on demand or online (CTV, online video, podcasts), as well as emerging phenomena like Twitch.

Single-source enriched data

Audience data combined with surveys, online/ on app behavior data and other data sets.

Audience solutions

Multiple research possibilities for media

Our cross-media measurement and research capabilities open up many possibilities for media groups.

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Owned content
Competitor content
Advertising performance
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