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We measure “El Clásico” (including Ibai Llanos)

Apr 1, 2021

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How do traditional platforms like TV and radio coexist with newer channels like Twitch and casters like Ibai Llanos? We analyzed it in "El Clásico", a faceoff between Real Madrid and Barcelona in April.

FLUZO's audiomatching technology integrated into a representative base of Netquest's premium panel allowed us to measure the reach of "El Clásico" via 7 channels: Movistar LaLiga, COPE, SER, Onda Cero, Catalunya Radio, RAC1 and LaLiga Caster's streaming with Ibai LLanos on various Twitch channels.

The study concluded that "El Clásico" generated an audience of 22.3% among TV, radio and Twitch, and that nearly half of the match's viewers watched it outside their home or using devices other than their household TV.

We also learned that nearly 80% of viewers respected Movistar LaLiga's original audio signal, followed by 13.1% who opted to listen to the game on COPE's "Tiempo de Juego" on the radio, and 1.1% who chose Ibai Llanos and LaLiga Casters' commentary, which could also be selected as an audio option for Movistar's broadcast.

Lastly, we included profiling of the match's audience: 21.4% of viewers were Barcelona fans while 28.5% rooted for Real Madrid. The remaining viewers supported other teams or no team in particular, and an atypical 2% who claimed to root for both teams at the same time.

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