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We compare content consumption in the four major OTTs

Mar 24, 2023

In 'Streaming Wars, Season Finale? A Comparison of Content Consumption on the Big 4 OTTs', we analyze the consumption of the top five content highlights from Netflix, HBO, Prime Video and Disney+ between the months of September and February this year: Wednesday, The Last Of Us, Alpha Males, The Rings Of Power and Wakanda, to provide unpublished comparative data on these OTTs.

The ultimate goal of the analysis is to shed light on an environment for which very little data exists to allow advertisers to evaluate their potential as advertising media by delving into three aspects:

  • How many people watched each of these contents,
  • Who is behind this consumption
  • How it is produced.

In addition, we analyze the evolution of consumption of each series week by week and reveal how the launch strategy of the platforms affects their viewing.

The announcement by Netflix and Disney to launch AVOD models has been a script twist in the Streaming Wars. Winds of a season finale are blowing and new directions for this contest are on the horizon. However, one key ingredient is still missing: data. For advertisers interested in this new advertising medium, having data that allows them to compare the reach of OTTs with each other and with other media is no longer a mere curiosity; it is a necessity.

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