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We break down the "BBVA case" at IAB Spain's Inspirational

Mar 16, 2022

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Last October 4th, we had the opportunity to participate in the annual Inspirational festival organized by IAB Spain to explain how we have helped BBVA optimize their advertising investment using the dashboard developed for the project.

If you couldn't see it, here is the video of the session (in Spanish). We have also compiled three significant statements by Cristina Villarroya, Digital and Media Strategy Director at BBVA, José Luis Gª Muñoz, FLUZO CEO, and Raquel González, Quantitative Team Lead at The Cocktail Analysis.

  • Cristina (BBVA): "Having a dashboard to visualize the results of a campaign from a single source and in real time is solid gold for us. It means being more agile and being able to make changes in the media mix to optimize the campaign from the inside, and other interesting discoveries, such as what frequencies are the most effective to mobilize the audience or what targets we're truly reaching".

  • José Luis (FLUZO): "Besides all the data on exposure or overlaps that can be extracted with our technology, by combining it with Netquest's panel, we are also able to know what happens after the impact: what movement do campaigns generate to each webpage and how client journeys are constructed".

  • Raquel (The Cocktail Analysis): "With surveys, we complete the analysis evaluating aspects such as brand notoriety, the recall that has been generated among certain audience segments like clients and non-clients, or the type of response there is to the campaign's message".

Would you like more information about the project or the dashboard we generated? Contact us by filling in the form below.

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