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Video games: The ultimate advertising frontier

Jun 10, 2024

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Young people aged 18-24 who watched the trailer for the video game 'GTA VI'


The penetration of the video game 'Baldur's Gate' is three times higher among Low TV Viewers.

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"Video games, eight points ahead of OTT platforms in attention.


In the last decade, video games have solidified themselves as one of the most popular entertainment industries in the world. And yet, in-game advertising only receives about 5% of media investment, according to the IAB. But what if a change in trend is on the horizon? The segment in general and the world of cloud-gaming in particular are being the focus of recurring news and rumors.


To assess the potential of this hypothetical advertising medium, we conducted a study alongside our panel-partner Netquest that analyzes the penetration of video games in Spain and the attitudes of the population through a combination of observational and declarative data. Among other insights:

  • We delved into the awareness of major brands in the segment.
  • We measured the frenzy sparked by the return of Grand Theft Auto.
  • We measured the penetration of one of the current hot games, Baldur's Gate.
  • We gauged the attention and enjoyment of gamers compared to other forms of entertainment, such as streaming platforms.
  • We measured gamers' attitudes toward advertising.

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