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Twitter and TV do match

May 1, 2021

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Twitter is Spain's favorite social media platform to accompany TV consumption and is, for the majority, a way to further enjoy TV content. This is the main conclusion gathered from the analysis we did together with The Cocktail Analysis and Netquest about this platform, where we focused on sports content.

Users gave a very high value to the socializing possibilities that Twitter offers - 61% believe that this social network allows them to engage in conversations about content, for 62% it's a way to connect with other fans, and over a third like to recommend programs to other people via this network-. But they are also aware of its potential as a means to discover new content-65% discovered through Twitter new TV content which they couldn't find anywhere else, and nearly 1 out of 3 of the study participants began watching TV content because they had seen it recommended on the platform-.

The study also tackled the impact of Twitter Ads in the recall generated by cross-media advertising campaigns. Separately analyzing TV advertising campaigns, and campaigns that, in addition to TV, incorporated Twitter Ads, it was found that brand image was improved considerably in the latter, that is, when both platforms were combined.

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