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This is how TV, Radio and Twitch divide the football audience (and its advertising)

Apr 12, 2022

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38.6% of the population - 12.7 million people - tuned in to one of the main Spanish football matches broadcast on TV, radio or Twitch between the beginning of October - day 2 - and mid-December - day 12. On average, each match reached 10% coverage - 3.4 million fans. In the case of La Liga, the average was 11%, while for the Champions League it was 8.9%.


In addition:

  • Six out of ten fans are men and 76% are over 35 years old.
  • TV is the medium with the greatest impact on football broadcasts **with 33% coverage, while radio reaches 11% and contributes 5 incremental points.
  • On average, each follower consumed more than 4 minutes of advertising per match.
  • In the 'Clásico' of October, Twitch reached 4% coverage, 3.2% exclusive, and the best average time of consumption.
  • On average, fans dedicated 67 minutes on average to this match, 16 minutes more than the average of the analysis, a figure that reaches 71 minutes on Twitch.

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