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The cross-media measurement standard enters Argentina with FLUZO and Netquest

After Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Peru, FLUZO and Netquest have started to offer their cross-media advertising measurement solutions in Argentina.

Feb 28, 2023

After Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Peru, FLUZO and Netquest have started to offer their advertising measurement solutions in Argentina. These solutions, which unify the measurement of cross-media advertising campaigns to detect and correct inefficiencies in advertisers' media plans, are already being used by some of the most relevant brands in Europe and Latin America.

The value proposition of FLUZO and Netquest is to offer a single Reach & Frequency for all the audiovisual media included in a campaign (television, radio, SmartTV, online video or audio, social networks, OTTs -such as Netflix-, display and any other), which allows the advertiser to understand what each one contributes to the mix in each target, where duplications are occurring or saturating the audience and, ultimately, how the campaign's media plan could be optimized by designing combinations that provide the desired reach without wasting budget.

In addition, these advertising exposure data are complemented with surveys or other Netquest data, such as the panelist's web browsing before and after seeing the advertising, their use of apps or the searches they perform on Google.

This allows us to reach conclusions that have been long sought after in the industry, such as defining how many times it is necessary to impact a target -effective frequency- to produce improvements in brand KPIs such as brand recall or brand valuation, or to increase our online traffic to web or e-commerce, or how we can achieve a more balanced impact between all the targets of the campaign -for example, between High and Low TV Viewers-.


To make this measurement a reality, FLUZO integrates its proprietary audio ACR technology into a Netquest single-source panel representative of the Argentine population -with 2,000 continuous panelists-, turning the panelists' phone into a mobile people meter that passively measures (no need to ask) any media (cross-media), skipping walled gardens, both inside and outside the home.

All the data obtained with this methodology is integrated into an online dashboard developed according to the needs of the advertisers to facilitate the visualization of the data, the generation of reports and the drawing of conclusions.

FLUZO and Netquest's projects and success stories have been presented in different forums relevant to the industry, such as iab, or by different advertisers' associations at local level of which FLUZO is a member, such as the aea in Spain or APAN in Portugal.

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