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Study by IAB: Connected TV Reaches Maturity in Spain

Connected TV has reached the stage of maturity in Spain. This is demonstrated by the IAB's CTV 2023 Study.

Jun 13, 2023

The iab studies on connected TV are a great thermometer to measure the evolution of this medium among users and industry - advertisers and agencies. The latest edition was presented last week. The document not only shows the rapid rise of this 'big screen' in Spain, but also a maturity that is reflected in the increase in investment, its widespread adoption as an advertising platform, in the demand for data by professionals, or in the very clear perception of its benefits. We review the highlights.

  • Smart TVs in 8 out of 10 households. The report reveals that 90% of Internet users aged 16-75 consume Internet content through the TV, and 79% have a Smart TV at home. YouTube, Prime Video and Netflix are the most popular digital platforms among users, with penetration particularly high among 16-44 year olds.

  • Investment increases. A lot. According to surveys of media managers, media planners, or marketing managers at advertisers, brands, media or publishers, advertisers already spend, on average, 34% of a campaign's budget on connected TV. Specifically, half of the respondents spend between 30% and 50% of their budget, 22 points more than last year.

  • Measure, measure, measure. Another sign of the coming of age of this medium in Spain is the importance given to its measurement. Specifically, the percentage of views, frequency and reach make up the podium of those considered most important to provide confidence when investing. In addition, 30% would increase their advertising investment in CTV if they had (more) data to back up their performance.

  • Converged TV' is a reality. Hybrid or converged TV, which is committed to stop seeing the different screens -linear and digital- as watertight universes, is not only a fashionable concept, but it is also a reality at an operational and budgetary level. The report finds that 9 out of 10 professionals plan Connected TV and Traditional TV together.

  • Consensus on the benefits. For some time now, there is a fairly broad consensus around the three major benefits of Connected TV. This report is no exception. Respondents highlight its effectiveness in improving brand KPIs such as awareness, the importance of the incremental reach it brings over conventional TV and its high penetration among the coveted low tv viewers.

With connected TV in such a sweet moment, it is essential to have tools and data (yes, like ours😉) that allow you to take full advantage of this medium. At FLUZO we are already working with some of the most important brands, agencies and publishers in the market to help them know the incremental reach that connected TV brings to the linear, its reach on those minority targets or the frequency with which they impact the audience exclusively and globally, or the impact of this medium on the brand.

But not only that. To make this converged approach a reality, it is essential to be able to access a unified vision & measurement of the campaign. This involves incorporating traditional television, video, online audio, and even radio within the same reporting tool. By doing so, it becomes feasible to develop improved media plans that effectively reach the target audience without overwhelming them, ensuring that no one is overlooked.

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