How to design your best Christmas campaign?

If you've got everything riding on Christmas, we've got the data you need to design the perfect campaign.

Nov 10, 2022

If Christmas is a decisive time for your products, your campaign should rise to the occasion. Among other things, this means having a media plan that ensures you reach all the targets in the optimal way or, in other words, without burning anyone and without wasting budget. To achieve this, you need to be equipped with the crossmedia measurement standard.

Specifically, there are three things we at FLUZO can do for you.

  • GO BACKWARDS: What if you could rewind to last year and measure the results of your previous holiday campaign as if no time had passed? That's one of the things we can do at FLUZO, and in fact we did it last year in this Case Study on fragrance advertisers. Your approach to your campaign this year is probably not radically different from a year ago. But there is certainly room to make your plan more efficient. With our reprocessing, you will be able to access very relevant conclusions to guide you.

  • LOOK AT YOUR COMPETITORS. Knowing what your competitors did last year or are doing this year is also an enormously valuable source of information. It can give you clues as to where you are fighting most directly for the audience's attention, find less exploited niches of opportunity, or find out if there are any buttons they are hitting and you are not, that you could incorporate into your plan.

  • ADJUST YOUR CAMPAIGN. One of the most typical frustrations of advertisers is not being able to correct the course of their campaigns before they end. With our solutions, you can. For example, you will be able to know how often you are impacting your audience week by week, which will allow you to stop or relocate certain investments so as not to overexpose them, or find more efficient ways to improve your reach-to-investment ratio.

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