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This is how Spotify helped increase BBVA’s advertising effectiveness

May 1, 2021

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Did Spotify increase the effectiveness of a BBVA ad campaign aimed at promoting its new card? This was the question the streaming platform posed to us, and it was answered by FLUZO, in collaboration with Netquest, who provided the audience sample, and THE DEPARTAMENTO, who added their market research experience.

Among its conclusions, the study highlights that Spotify was able to deliver an incremental reach of 2% over TV and 6% over radio. And not only that: this incremental reach was also tied to the different times of day when audiences can see and hear the ads, allowing advertisers to reach their audience when other media are less common (especially during mid-mornings).

Additionally, 44% of those impacted by the ads on Spotify recalled listening to at least one ad from the BBVA campaign, ahead of digital video (37%) and in line with TV (43%).

Ultimately, and thanks to the accuracy of our ACR technology, we were able to demonstrate that panel exposure to the BBVA campaign was directly correlated to actual impacts on Spotify.

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