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FLUZO partners with MIS Group to offer Cross-Media Advertising Measurement Data in France

FLUZO adds France to its presence in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, and Austria in Europe, as well as several Latin American countries.

Jun 13, 2024

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MIS Group and FLUZO have entered into a partnership agreement aimed at establishing a standardized measure of advertising effectiveness across various media platforms in France. Thanks to this collaboration, advertisers operating in this market will have access to a unified Reach & Frequency measurement that covers all audiovisual media - including TV, connected TV, Radio, YouTube, OTT services such as Netflix or Prime Video, online video and audio environments, and display advertising. Furthermore, they will be able to conduct an enhanced Brand Lift analysis, distinguishing between audiences exposed and not exposed to different ads across various media.

This innovative solution allows advertisers to differentiate between the added value of each media channel in their campaigns. This enables them to identify overlaps in audiences, potential saturation points, understand the link between frequency and brand recall, and ultimately refine their media strategies. By leveraging this complete set of data, advertisers can strategically design combinations that maximize their reach (Reach) or optimize the frequency (Frequency) while avoiding waste.

FLUZO adds France to its presence in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, and Austria, in Europe, as well as several Latin American countries, including Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and Peru.


As part of the partnership agreement, FLUZO activates its Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology on a representative panel of the 18+ population of MIS Group. By utilizing this technology, the mobile devices of panel members transform into "portable individual counters" capable of passive and observatory measuring media consumption both inside and outside the home, across all media, including TV, connected TV, OTT like Netflix, online video, radio, and on-demand audios like Spotify, etc.

Data related to ad exposure collected by this innovative approach can be combined with declarative data (obtained during surveys) to measure the impact of the campaign and evaluate its effectiveness by analyzing changes in brand-related variables such as recall, as well as tracking traffic to specific digital assets.

About MIS Group

A partner to research firms, communication agencies, and consultancy firms for over 20 years, MIS Group has established itself as a trusted player in the sector. Since 2001, MIS Group has managed a triple opt-in panel of more than 1.5 million members worldwide and provides expertise in quantitative and qualitative studies to its clients.

MIS Group offers a range of services including Made in Surveys (quantitative), Made in Studios (qualitative), Panelabs (studies for research scholars), and tools such as e-Survey (DIY) and On-Qual (online qualitative), allowing the company to provide a wide variety of solutions to research and marketing specialists.

Currently, the MIS Group team consists of more than 40 professionals spread across France, the United Kingdom, and Italy. This broad presence ensures that MIS Group can meet the diverse needs of its clients with excellence and efficiency.

Nicolas Keller, CEO of MIS Group adds, "Working on this project with Fluzo is a great opportunity for MIS Group, as it allows us to continue to develop our technical solutions offering while diversifying the studies offered to our triple opt-in panel. Composed of 500,000 members in France, qualified on more than 400 criteria, we are able to provide precise and diverse insights. We are proud to have been chosen by Fluzo to accompany them in launching this new technology on the French market, thus paving the way for new innovations in the world of studies. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to offering our clients sophisticated measurement tools tailored to their specific needs."

According to José Luis García, CEO of FLUZO, "Arriving in France, the third largest advertising market in Europe in terms of volume, with a panel as prestigious as that of MIS Group, represents a new milestone for FLUZO, and a very relevant one in the expansion of our cross-media measurement standard. We are very pleased to see how our methodology is strengthened and improves the quality of insights used by advertisers and, ultimately, the effectiveness of their advertising. Moreover, it is a pride to offer our clients the opportunity to adopt a uniform measurement model across various markets."

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