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Creativity, Science, and Enterprises Inspire The FASS, FLUZO's New Solution

The event served to introduce FLUZO's new solution showcasing the ideas that have inspired the company for this new stage.

Jun 14, 2024

English version of the article published by IPMark magazine in Spanish.

The auditorium of Google for Startups Campus in Madrid, which was FLUZO's first home ten years ago, was the venue chosen by the martech firm to hold its first 'FLUZO Day' and present its new solution and present its new solution: the fass. According to its CEO, José Luis García, it has been one of the most complex to develop by the company, but also promises to revolutionize the advertising industry.

"The industry has been looking for a long time for a cross-media measurement standard and we have it," he stated on the stage of the first FLUZO Day in Madrid. Vicente García, responsible for the Spanish market, supported his statement: "Whether or not it becomes the official standard, at FLUZO we have developed something that is very similar to what everyone imagines that cross-media measurement standard should be."


The key to the new solution, called The FASS – the acronym for FLUZO Audiovisual Single Source – lies in the large amount of data it collects daily about media consumption, of which currently only 1% is used. According to José Luis García, The FASS is a gateway to such data, a platform "that is constantly nourishing and learning thanks to a layer of intelligence that allows processing information in a much more powerful way," he pointed out.

"This allows us to draw a new paradigm for measurement that goes far beyond what has been done so far, offering automated optimizations of planning, scenario simulation, and modeling to link advertising investment with business KPIs, among other things," added its top executive.


Accompanied by advertisers, media, and media agencies among the attendees, Fernando Alonso, leader of The Basement LAB, a company that has collaborated with FLUZO for the development of this tool, assured that "the calculation capacity and solutions of the platform are immense," since it leverages relevant advances in the field of algorithmics from sectors such as economics or aerospace. Several companies have already started to test The FASS and the reception "has been unbeatable," Alonso assured.


Creativity, Science, and Enterprises

The event not only served to introduce FLUZO's new solution but also to showcase the ideas that have inspired the company for this new stage –creativity, science, and enterprises– embodied in chef Nino Redruello, mathematician Eduardo Sáenz, and entrepreneur Clara Díez.


Nino Redruello, chef at Familia La Ancha, discussed how creativity has been key in the development of his career. He started in the kitchen of the family restaurant alongside his uncle, later studied cooking, traveled, and ended up at El Bulli. There, "Ferrán gave us the freedom of thought, to rebel against the frameworks and start creating." He also spoke about the details, a moment when he realized their importance.

The restaurant group has professionalized in the last two years, also going through a digitalization process. And the company, which started with a first restaurant 104 years ago, has been growing throughout this time, maintaining generation after generation values such as effort, enthusiasm, and respect, Redruello added.


The scientific side was represented by Eduardo Sáenz, a mathematician and disseminator, who reminded attendees of the elements that must be combined for an innovation to become revolutionary. "To put an idea to work, science and technology, technological power, and a society that wants to receive it are needed," he explained, recalling that a hundred years before Gutenberg invented the printing of movable types, the first book was printed in Korea using the same technique, "but it did not succeed because society did not accept it."

Currently, we are living the revolution of artificial intelligence, a development that is not new but is experiencing its moment thanks to the large amount of data available today. However, as Sáenz reminded, "many people have data, but do not know what to do with it. Knowledge is needed, which is what allows us to make good use of the data."

The last inspiring idea, enterprises and entrepeneurship, was embodied by Clara Díez, founder of Formaje, a distributor of artisan cheese that has its own workshop and a store in the Chamberí neighborhood in Madrid. "Formaje is a physical experience, an environment where the customer feels captivated by the universe of cheese. The store is kept at a temperature of 12°C and 90% humidity, the perfect environment for cheese," the protagonist of the Formaje experience, she stated.


"We are not a marketing project, but we have a very clear purpose: to promote craftsmanship through sales," she declared. In this sense, she remembered that 30% of sales already come from her e-commerce, and they will soon open a second store in the Salamanca neighborhood, in the capital.


FLUZO's new solution offers an unprecedented and media-agnostic view of the audiovisual advertising consumption of a population. It combines specialized measurement capabilities in advertising effectiveness, capabilities in the area of campaign prediction and optimization, and a modeler to link different variables. "We put on the table a comfortable environment to take advantage of the data and be able to impact in the best way. On the basis of massive advertising, we find the 'fishing grounds,' the target audiences of interest, and predict the best way to reach them," summarized José Luis García, CEO of FLUZO, at the end of the meeting.

Hey! the fass is in the first phase of its development, but we already have some early adopters on board in Spain. Want to learn about the platform and its rollout plan in your region? Let us know below

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