66% of the total coverage for major advertisers is exclusive to TV, 4% corresponds to Digital, and 30% is duplicated

IKEA, Amazon, and Banco Sabadell are the brands with the most impact in March and April.

Jun 11, 2024

Television exclusively contributed 65.7% to the total coverage generated by the top twenty advertisers with the most reach during the months of March and April. Digital contributed 4.4% of the coverage exclusively and the remaining 29.8% was duplicated between television and digital media. This is the major conclusion from the bimonthly ranking by the advertising measurement company FLUZO, which analyzes the major cross-media video campaigns of all advertisers in the industry in Spain, breaking down each medium's contribution to the total reach of each brand.

Reviewing the rankings, IKEA's ads were the most viewed by Spanish internet users. They reached 96.1% of the adult population during the analysis period with television acting as a lever to reach 57% of Spaniards exclusively. Digital reached 4.5% of the population, while the remaining 34.6% were impacted by both television and digital platforms and media.
Just a few tenths behind, we find Amazon. The video advertising of the tech giant reached 95.2% of Spaniards; television reached 39.9% of the population exclusively; Digital reached 6.9%, and a broad 49.4% were impacted by both channels.

In third place is Banco Sabadell, whose ads impacted 91.8% of the population during the analysis period. Television exclusively reached 46.2%, 3% through digital media, and 42.6% saw the advertising on both.

Lidl, with a total reach of 90.3%, takes the fourth place in the ranking. The supermarket chain's ads reached 36.2% of the population through television only, 5.4% saw them only on Digital, and 48.7% were impacted through both TV and Digital.

In fifth place, we find Línea Directa, whose video campaigns were seen by 9 out of 10 Spaniards in March and April. In this advertiser's case, 65% saw the spots only through Television, 2.2% only on Digital, and 22.8% received duplicated impacts.

Focusing on the average contribution of the different media, we find that 55.4% of the population saw the ads of the major brands only on television; 3.7% only on digital media and platforms, while 25.2% received impacts on both TV and Digital.


For the preparation of this ranking, FLUZO processes and measures the cross-media campaigns that exceed a threshold of investment in Television and impressions in any digital environment with video using a single methodology over a continuous group of panelists representative of the population -single-source-. This allows it to overcome the fragmentation of metrics and obtain a unified view of the impact of a cross-media campaign.

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