FLUZO for Institutes and Agencies

New research solutions to offer innovative studies that resolve the challenge of media fragmentation


Generate value with innovative studies

Fragmentation of media and of the data sources used to measure it make it increasingly difficult to produce studies on advertising/content that offer valuable conclusions and solve the problem of cross-media measurement.

Without the limitations of traditional methodologies

Declarative surveys, single media panels or data-merging based methods have always had many methodological and technical limitations, even when researching a single media source like linear TV

Cross-media single-source measurement

FLUZO offers an alternative source of data for many types of studies focused on advertising or content that mean a qualitative leap beyond traditional brand post-tests or tracking, (to give just one example) while also offering innovative metrics

Advantages for Research Institutes and Media Agencies

Institutes and agencies can offer new value to their clients as they can carry out more complete, rigorous and robust studies