An advertising x-ray of Brazilian banking

We compare the accumulated coverage of TV, radio and online video ad campaigns of four major banks in Brazil: Bradesco, Santander, Itaú and C6Bank.

Jun 1, 2021

Bradesco, Santander, Itaú and C6BANK are four of the most relevant players in Brazilian banking. All of them make big advertising efforts in different media outlets to reach their own clients or those of their competitors.

However, one of the greatest difficulties the heads of these areas find is distinguishing what impacts have been duplicated in the different outlets, the unique audience of each outlet, which audience segments have actually been reached or how many people of those impacted end up accessing the webpages or apps of any of these four banks.

With FLUZO's ACR technology and our partner Netquest's panel, this is no longer a problem; audience data is generated through passive measurement using a single-source indicator and all the data is obtained from the same sample.

To put it into practice, last June we analyzed 50 TV, radio and online video ads for 21 days on dozens of channels of Brazilian TV, radio and webpages. Our analysis revealed that up to 93.5% of Brazilians were impacted by one of the advertising campaigns of these 4 banks, and that nearly 50% of those impacted accessed the online bank via the website or the app.

Additionally, the analysis enabled us to explain which bank attained the greatest reach, what was the reach of each outlet for each bank, what impacts were duplicated, or if users interacted with the online channel of just one bank or with more than more.

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