Create content intelligence

Track media consumption and connect with the multiscreen user.
Turn your content and audience into actionable data.

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Take data driven decisions

Monitor how your content is being consumed across devices. Understand who your users are and what they do.

Access all this information in real time through a comprehensive dashboard.

Get accurate insights at a glance and make your content measurable and actionable. Use data to create new ways of monetizing your content.

This is content intelligence.

Feature: Take data driven decisions

Track media consumption

Monitor how your contents are being consumed across devices. Get cross-media analytics and measure content viewing on any connected devices integrated with FLUZO technology through our SDKs and API.

Understand how your users behave and their engagement with your content. Get a detailed history of their interactions with your content.

Access all this real-time data anytime and anywhere with our powerful SaaS platform.

Feature: Track media consumption

Know more about your audience

Get to know each of your users and their viewing histories in detail. Access their profiles, truly understand their likes and dislikes.

Connect with the way they want to be entertained. Stop guessing and start analyzing cross-media behavior and shifting habits: how long they usually sync and when, what content they love...

Turn every interaction into actionable and monetizable data.

Feature: Know more about your audience

Build new ways of user engagement

The new user is multiscreen and demands interactivity.

Create unique second screen experiences through social TV apps or multiscreen advertising campaigns.

Upload and process your content on the platform in just a few seconds, then easily create events associated to it: polls, exclusive footage and video for fan viewers...

Meet, and monetize, your users´ shifting habits.

Feature: Build new ways of user engagement

The definitive AdTech

Use FLUZO technology to bring the call-to-action from TV to the screen of any mobile device.

This is interactive and multi-screen advertising. Analyze the real ROI of TV campaigns and take advantage of the vast amount of data we provide you to optimize your segmentation.

Tailor place your product or service one click away from the purchase.

Feature: The definitive AdTech

A simple, scalable, powerful technology

FLUZO hides the complexity of a powerful technology through a simple user interface. We democratize content intelligence, data exploration and Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) with our SaaS platform.

You will not need to change any of your processes to start using FLUZO and your IT team will be also happy with our SDKs/API, documentation and support. You can be up and running in a few hours.

Our technology is designed to be scalable and affordable.

Feature: A simple, scalable, powerful technology

How it works

Get your content ready: upload your content (series, programs, commercials, radio spots, etc) onto the platform. FLUZO will process it in a few seconds and store the fingerprint.

How it works: Upload

Make your content actionable: link any metadata information to your contents and easily create control/user events, such as content marks, cue points or second screen interactions: video, image, websites, etc.

How it works: Enrich

Access the FLUZO ACR platform through our powerful API and our easy to install SDKs. Give your apps or any connected device -even your website- content matching and syncing ability.

How it works: Sync

Access a comprenhensive dashboard with real time information about how your content is being consumed and what your users are like. You´ve never had such an accurate information about your audience.

How it works: Analyze

Monetize your content and audience by taking data driven decisions. Bring the content and your advertisers´ calls to action from the TV screen to the screen of any mobile devices. All this is content intelligence.

How it works: Monetize


Content Producers

Create unique 2nd screen experiences and develop new commercial opportunities.

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Monetize TV ads, connect with multiscreen users and get greater insights on media consumption.

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Bring the CTA from TV screens to mobile devices and get new contextual segmentation criteria.

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Find proper attribution and segmentation modeling for your TV campaigns.

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RTB / Adservers

Get better segmentation criteria to activate campaigns and optimize your sales funnel.

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Agencies & Developers

Get the best technology to build great projects for your customers.

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Improve your sales process and close the gap between traditional & connected devices.

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Telecoms & Startups

Innovate with interactive AdTech and track media consumption and users.

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Audience Measurement

Better understand shifting habits across devices and unify data from online/offline tracking.

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Evolve and update processes and tools for digital students.

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